Small and Simple Code

Cut and Past the code belows and insert it into your webpage replacing _ID_HERE_ with your ring ID, YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS with..your e-mail address, and YOUR NAME with..well..your name. This MUST be complete to be accepted into the webring

<TABLE><TR> <TD ALIGN="center"> <A HREF="" target="_parent"> <IMG SRC="HOMEPAGE%20RING%20LOGO%20HERE" ALT="El-Hazard Ring" BORDER="0"></A><BR> <FONT FACE="Verdana" SIZE="1" COLOR="#10673A"><B> <a href=";id=_ID_HERE_;action=prev">Previous</a> | <a href=";id=_ID_HERE_;action=next">Next</a></b></FONT> </TD> </TR></TABLE>
It will look like...
El-Hazard Ring
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The available Small and Simple Code graphics are...
By The World of Genesis:
eh-ring-logo.jpg By El-Hazard Webring:
hazardi.jpg hazardi2.jpg

Please change the name of the graphic in the ring code. If you don't, it's worthless having the picture. Tripod will NOT allow image sharing. You must save the graphic(s) to your own server.