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You try to give your cat a mohawk. And dye it orange.

You bought Ani-Mayhem just for the EH cards.

Having white hair is now a really appealing idea.

You build science experiments to see if they'll teleport you to El-Hazard.

You think Jinnai is cute.

You think Jinnai's laugh is adorable.

You don't see anything wrong with Fatora's scheming

You call yourself a demon god and carry a staff.

You make a giant Bugrom, and ask your teacher to lift it.

Soy Sauce is your main seasoning.

You think that being the Priestess of Water wouldn't be that bad.

You change your name to Ranami to try and attract Makoto.

Mountain climbing has become your hobby.

You get disappointed when you touch glass globes and they don't glow.

You scour the maps trying to find a hot spring on the other side of a desert.

You try and pull your cat around you like Ura.

You stop drinking and smoking to see if maybe you have super powers and didn't know it.