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The most demanded thing in the poll was Character Biography's. You got it! ^_^ Some information may not be complete, and I apologize for that, but if you can add to it, please do.

The Magnificent World/EH2/Alternative World The Wanderers
Makoto Mizuhara Makoto Mizuhara
Mr. Fujisawa Mr. Fujisawa
Katsuhiko Nanami Katsuhiko Nanami
Katsuhiko Jinnai Katsuhiko Jinnai
Ifurita Ifurita
Rune Venus Rune Venus
Afura Mann Afura Mann
Shayla-Shayla Shayla Shayla
Miz Mishtal Miz Mishtal
Alliele Alliele
Ura Ura
Dr. Schtalubaugh Dr. Schtalubaugh
Londs Londs
Queen Diva Queen Diva
Princess Fatora My take on The Wanderers
Qawoor Towles My take on The Magnificent World

Makoto and Co. = Makoto, Mr. Fujisawa, Alliele, and whomever else is there.
TMW /EH2/AW = The Magnificent World/El-Hazard2, Alternative World