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It's the journey of a lifetime, and you found it! ^_^

Welcome to the EHW webring homepage. I am Afura, Webmistress of this ring. (That's right, I'm a chick!). Please see below for any new updates to the site or the webring.

Update 1/29/02

El-Hazard Bio's - All Wanderers Bios up, however, not all TMW bio's are finished, it's a work in progress. ^_^

Brand Spankin' New Stuff! - You Know You Like El-Hazard Too Much When up, as well as El-Hazard Tapes up, which is a listing of the VHS/DVD's, and I'll get reviews up as soon as I can, though I can't honestly say when. ^_^

Coming Soon - Choir Loft, a MP3/.AVI/Music Lyric section. If you have any submissions, please email them to me, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Dead in the water - Ow, sorry Miz, bad joke. EH Webring Poll is down right now. Got a suggestion for new questions? You know the drill, email me!


Yes I'm still around, and I'm still working on the ring. There are still a lot of people who have not switched over to Ringsurf. I'm tired of bouncing between, Yahoo! and now the new service. O_o Please sign up for RingSurf, and I promise we won't change for as long as RingSurf is up! Working on the fleshing out of the new design, gathering pictures, whatnot.

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