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Welcome welcome, for ring members only you know! ^_^ If you're not a ring meber, BAD YOU, now go make a El-Hazard page and apply. ^_^ No seriously, this stuff is worthless to none members, so save some time.

For those of you who are members, it's a little more difficult, but not that hard. There are 5 yes count 'em 5 ring codes you can pick from. Diversity is fun, it's your site, I don't want you to use something you don't like. For each code there are diffrent graphics you can use, and one's that you can't, it's simple. Triple uses 3 graphics, Double, 2.

Now remember, you're always free to make your OWN graphics, or your ring code, just make sure it has the same information as the Quickie or Itty Bitty codes do.