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Jinnai Katsuhito

Age: 17
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: High School Student, Student Council President
El-Hazard Power: The ability to communicate with the Bugrom


Jinnai is the main villain in El-Hazard. He has had a rivalry with Makoto for a long time (though Makoto doesn't know that). He takes credit for everything that he can, and blames other people for mistakes. The only things he really wants to do in life is crush Makoto, and rule the world. Simplistic, achievable goals. Riiiiiiiiight. All you need to really know about Jinnai is that he's the typical goofy anime villain who wants to rule the world, and is slightly insane.

When Jinnai arrives in El-Hazard, he is captured by the Bugrom, who take him to Queen Diva. Queen Diva believes he is the messenger from god, and who's a would-be conqueror to turn down that title? Diva puts him in charge of the Bugrom armies, and honestly, he does a really good job with them, though he is a bit mean. In part of the series, Jinnai has invaded quite a bit of the land, and the only thing holding him back is Makoto and Co.

Jinnai's power is the ability to speak to the Bugrom. It's sort of like knowing 2 languages, and being able to talk and speak in either without thinking about it. It's a good thing Jinnai knows Bugrom, because it just sounds like, well, a different language


Jinnai - The Wanderers