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Makoto Mizuhara

Age: 17
Hair: Black/Brown
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: High School Student
El-Hazard Power: Can activate and use the machines from ancient El-Hazardian times.


Makoto is the main character of El-Hazard. He is just another one of those anime-boys who's a normal student and Shinanome High School. He is an incredibly intelligent guy, and incredibly dense. He can figure out how to do something immensely complex, but he can't figure out his best friend Nanami, and the Priestess Shayla Shayla, have a crush on him. He's a kind caring boy who will help others before himself, and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty with work.

When Makoto first arrived in El-Hazard, he and his teacher Mr. Fujisawa, helped rescue the Princess Rune Venus. When Rune took a look at him, she thought he was her missing sister, Princess Fatora. Buuuuut Makoto isn't, but the princess was missing, and they did look a lot alike. . . so they threw him in jail until he agreed. Makoto hated it, but he did it to help.

Makoto doesn't have the flashy powers his Earth cohorts do, his power is to activate ancient El-Hazardian machines, like Ifurita, and her Power Key Staff. This power, while not extremely useful, was incredibly helpful during the show.


Makoto -The Wanderers