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Nanami Katsuhito

Age: 16
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Gold
Occupation: High School Student
El-Hazard Power: Ability to detect Shadow People in disguise


Nanami is what some people would politely refer to as a ball buster. She's one mean momma, but she knows how to make a boxed lunch! The first time you meet her she's selling boxed lunches to students, and besides cooking, she knows how to make money!

Nanami's entry into El-Hazard is a lot harder than Makoto or Fujisawa's. She had to make money the hard way, by waitress, doing dishes, and eventually selling boxed lunches, when she meets up with Makoto and Fujisawa. They find out about her power the hard way when one of the Shadow People, Kiriah, comes in a disguise of a blonde haired beauty to assassinate Makoto. Nanami sees the knife she's holding, and starts asking her a few questions when she makes a comment about her blue skin, and Kiriah's jig is up, and Nanami's power is out of the bag. Unfortunately her power becomes useless in EH2 because they do not run into any Shadow People.

Besides Alliele, and later Fatora, no one is after Nanami, but Nanami is after Makoto. Though she'll never tell him flat out, Nanami does like him. She doesn't seem bitter about Makoto liking Ifurita. After all, Makoto is her best friend, and I'm sure she's glad he's happy. As long as he's not happy with Shayla. :P


Nanami -The Wanderers