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Mr. Fujisawa

Age: 31
Hair: Black/Brown
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: High School Teacher
El-Hazard Power: Immense physical power


Fujisawa is part comic relief, part sensibility, and a life saver. Throughout the show you'll see him drinking, and occasionally smoking as well. Although he is a near drunk, he is the teacher at Makoto, Nanami, and Jinnai's school, Shinanome High, the science teacher to be exact. He's basically an all around bum who would rather be mountain climbing than anything else.

When Fujisawa first reaches El-Hazard, he aids Makoto in rescuing Princess Rune Venus from the Bugrom. While fighting the Bugrom, Fujisawa finds out that he suddenly has incredible physical power in which he uses to quickly dispatch the Bugrom. Further through the series you find that when he's not impaired by alcohol or tobacco, he becomes even stronger.

During the series, the Priestess Miz Mishtal becomes incredibly enamored with him, seeing him as her knight in shining armor. (He's got a government job with the school, retirement funds, health insurance, and Miz is nearing Priestess retirement, hey, with those qualifications who wouldn't look good?) Fujisawa really does like Miz, but as we find out in El-Hazard2, he's not exactly ready to tie the knot. Poor Miz. ^_^


Fujisawa -The Wanderers