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Age: 31
Hair: Black/Brown
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: High School Teacher
El-Hazard Power: Immense physical power


The Trip to El-Hazard:
Fujisawa is part comic relief, part sensibility, and a life saver. Throughout the show you'll see him drinking, and occasionally smoking as well. In the beginning of the series he is making sure the club setups are going on plan, and when some girls tease him about the Mountain Climbing Club, he gets a bit depressed because they aren't any members. Later on, after a nap, he finds Nanami and Makoto working after school, and they have some tea, ok so Fujisawa has sake, and drools after a hot spring on TV, when Makoto and Nanami leave. Mr. Fujisawa falls asleep reading, and that's when he is transported to El-Hazard.

In El-Hazard:
The next time you see Mr. Fujisawa, a woman running away with Makoto steps on his stomach and wakes him up. When he sees the Bugrom following Makoto and the woman, he thinks that they are students, and tells them they should be studying. Instead of going to study, the Bugrom punches Mr. Fujisawa and they get into a fight and beats the crap outta the Bugrom, which afterwards the woman's protectors come and lead everyone to their ship. On the ship Londs explains to Mr. Fujisawa and Makoto that they are in the world of El-Hazard, and are going to Floristica.

El-Hazard Power:
During the series, Fujisawa finds out that he has incredible physical power, when in the first fight with the Bugrom he beat 3, and was still standing, ripped one of their legs off, then climbed the walls in the palace...that may have clued him in. Delving deeper into the series you find that when he's not impaired by alcohol or tobacco, he becomes even stronger, able to lift huge domed ceilings even.

The World of Love:
During the series, the Priestess Miz Mishtal becomes enamored with him after they go on a date, she finds him to be a wonderful person, funny and interesting, and is determined to get him to marry her. Reallllly determined.

The Magnificent World Vs The Wanderers:
The most noticeable difference between TMW Fujisawa and Wanderers Fujisawa, is that in TMW he wore a blue jumpsuit, and in this series he wears a brown suit outfit and an orange shirt. Should be hideous, comes out looking ok. ^_^


Fujisawa -The Magnificent World