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Makoto Mizuhara

Age: 17
Hair: Black/Brown
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: High School Student
El-Hazard Power: Can activate and use the machines from ancient El-Hazardian times.


The Trip to El-Hazard:
Makoto in TMW is a true science geek, who had the misfortune of doing better than Jinnai. He had left the Student Council, where he was President, to work on his science experiment, also, he's a bit scatterbrained, not paying attention to anything outside the lab, he even forgets to have lunch with Nanami. But he is a good guy, he helps Nanami after school fold boxes for her boxed lunches, as she in turn helps him with his science experiment. When Mr. Fujisawa shows up and offers them some tea, they accept, and talk about mountain climbing, until Makoto remembers he left the power on on his experiment, runs back, and finds Jinnai sabotaging his experiment, which is let loose and he's transported to El-Hazard.

In El-Hazard:
Never a moments peace for him, he is immediately attacked by Bugrom. He slips and falls, and is about to be attacked when a women's scream interrupts everything, and he runs off, only to be hit in the face with a women's cleavage, the woman apologizes and before they are attacked by the Bugrom who was following her, they run off. The woman steps on Mr. Fujisawa who wakes up and thinks that the Bugrom are students, and tells them they should be studying, which I don't think the Bugrom liked. Mr. Fujisawa and the Bugrom get into a fight and beats the crap outta the Bugrom, which afterwards the woman's protectors come and lead everyone to their ship. On the ship Londs explains to Mr. Fujisawa and Makoto that they are in the world of El-Hazard, and are going to Floristica.

El-Hazard Power:
You'd think that having the power to control machines from Ancient El-Hazard isn't too useful, except for maybe antiques. But it is useful as it echo's a power like Rune Venus's, and allows him to (somewhat) control the Eye of God, and ultimately helps him return home.

The World of Love:
Makoto loves, or at least really likes, the Princess Rune Venus. He finds her warm, caring, a capable princess, and a compassionate person. Throughout the beginning of the series Rune and Makoto try to deny and hide their feelings, but find that they cannot. But one girl wouldn't make sense! Beyond Rune Venus, Nanami and Shayla-Shayla both like him as well, and tend to fight about it in a semi-peaceable way (they don't get into any fighting matches, just word matches)


Makoto -The Magnificent World