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Nanami Katsuhiko

Age: 16
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Gold
Occupation: High School Student
El-Hazard Power: Ability to understand the Bugrom language


The Trip to El-Hazard:
Nanami is one of the many girls that you'll find in El-Hazard, and she has the unfortunate fate of being Jinnai Katsuhiko's sister. In Wanderers, the first time you see Nanami she's going around selling boxed lunches, and counting her money, when a friend comes to talk to her about Makoto, and Nanami sets off to find him in his lab. After recruiting Makoto to fold boxes for the lunches she makes, she helps Makoto with his experiment. Unfortunately her older brother, Jinnai shows up, and after making a nuisance of himself, in which she tells Makoto that Jinnai is blaming him for all his problems, Jinnai leaves, and they finish up the experiment. Just as they're finishing up, Mr. Fujisawa comes by and offers them tea, and they accept. In Mr. Fujisawa's room, they have tea and talk about mountain climbing until Makoto realizes that he left the power on in the lab, and Nanami excuses herself to go pack up and head home. While she's packing up, she grabs a bottle of soy sauce and hears something strange, looks up, and a blinding light covers her, and she's on her way to El-Hazard.

In El-Hazard:
When next we meet Nanami, she's in the jungle looking up at a 'space ship' (really the ship Makoto and Mr. Fujisawa are on). At first she thought she was going to be abducted, but it turns out she isn't, and is left in the jungle with a bottle of soy sauce. After traveling around with a nomadic tribe, she escaped to the seaside where she worked in a restaurant where she was cook, server, and dishwasher. After that she cooked on a little stand in a mountainside town, then was making box lunches to sell at the Shrine of Water.

El-Hazard Power:
Her power is the same as Jinnai's in the fact that they can both understand the Bugrom people, much to Nanami's shock and horror. Sharing something with Jinnai? EEEEEEEEEK. But it comes in handy in the series when her and Princess Rune are trying to escape.

The World of Love:
The only person Nanami is after is Makoto, but instead of being vindictive, helps Princess Rune Venus understand Makoto. Though there is some speculation at the end of the series, I believe Alliele and Nanami are just good friends, and not romantically involved. I guess you could say she loves cooking as well. ^_^ And she loves doing it because she can do it well, not because it makes her a buck. That's just a side benefit.


Nanami -The Magnificent World