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Age: ?
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Gold
Occupation: Queen of the Bugrom


In El-Hazard:
Queen Diva is the first person that Jinnai meets after coming to El-Hazard. After Jinnai escapes from prison, they meet each other and make a deal, Queen Diva will rule El-Hazard, and Jinnai will be her god. Hey easy enough, she wants to rule El-Hazard, an apparently her luck hasn't been going fantastic.

Job Description:
Queen to the Bugrom, I think it's a bit more in-depth than just ruler, but it's never explained. I mean, the Bugrom had to made somehow, and I'm sure they eat more than Chiko fruit.

The World of Love:
Loves ruling and conquering.

The Magnificent World Vs The Wanderers:
Different outfits, but in TMW she takes more charge over her army. In Wanderers she sort of lets Jinnai take full control. But all in all, same ol' Diva.


Diva - The Magnificent World