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Dr. Schtalubaugh

Age: 72
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Council of the Royal Family of Roshtaria, Scientist and Historian


In El-Hazard:
Dr. Schtalubaugh is the first person to understand and explain Makoto and Mr. Fujisawa's predicament. Though he would probably like to, he cannot, it's not within his abilities. Though he is the wisest of the council, El-Hazards science seems to be quite far behind Earths.

Job Description:
Council to Rune Venus in matters which he may have knowledge, and those matters and history. Not only is he a genius in El-Hazard science, but also a great historian as well.

The World of Love:
Hmm if I were to venture, I'd say science and history are his loves.

The Magnificent World Vs The Wanderers:
We see a lot more of him in this series than in TMW, and his position in the palace is more prominent as well.


Dr. Schtalubaugh - The Magnificent World