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My take on The Wanderers:

I really enjoyed the series. Unlike The Magnificent World, Wanderers is 7 tapes. The characters were a little better formed, as they had more time to do it in. We got a background view of Priestess's, and how their hierarchy is done. Though if you were used to TMW like I was, this series can rub you a little wrong, in the fact that Ifurita is basically an air head until the last two episodes.
In Wanderers we got to explore more things, like the Priestess's, also Mr. Fujisawa went on a date. They only flashed on that briefly in EH2. It may have been an entire episode, but it gives background into both Miz and Fujisawa. Another thing is all the side adventures the group does, like the search for the Snow of Legend, and the beast stalking a village. They didn't HAVE to have these things in the series, but it solidified the characters, the world, and the sense of togetherness.

I also loved the new character clothes/designs. It took awhile for Shayla and Afura's new clothes to grow on me, but I do like them. BTW, am I alone in noticing Nanami's bike pants say SLUTT? Nice touch ^_^ The young Rune is very nice, not only does it add a romantic angle that TMW couldn't (Because the Rune in TMW was older, and thus off limits). Although Rune's parents die, they too make an appearance in her dreams and flashbacks as well, which is nice, since you sort of get to know them as well that way. The only problem I really have is with Ifurita. She's basically a ball of fluff! A total scatterbrain until the last 2 episodes. I can understand that it may have had something to do with how she woke up, but at the same time, you'd think the Demon God Ifurita would remember what the word evil meant! Ahh well, I still liked her, she really did add something to the series, and made me laugh. I don't think the serious Ifurita of TMW and EH2 would have fit in in this series.

All in all The Wanderers is more comedic than TMW/EH2, and generally just more light hearted as well. The series was long enough to enjoy character depth, as well as being short enough not to be boring. Don't expect this series to be a replica or near replica of TMW, it stands on it's own.