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Sir Londs

Age: 48
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Protector of the Royal Family, head of the Royal Guard.


In El-Hazard:
Londs is the second El-Hazardian that you meet, he comes charging through the clearing after Mr. Fujisawa beats up the three Bugrom when they first arrive. He is very thankful that Princess Rune is safe, and very much in awe of the strangers. But he is also very suspicious of their strange tail, and wonders if Makoto and Fujisawa really aren't spies. But after the Princess is sure of their guild, and they prove their help many times over, Londs comes to trust them, and that means a lot to Londs.

Job Description:
Personal security to Princess Rune, as well as head of the Royal security for Roshtaria. Think of him as the guards who protect the US President.

The World of Love:
Protecting Rune Venus, and teaching her how to grow up to be honorable, and brave. No actual love. ^_^

The Magnificent World Vs The Wanderers:
Like Dr. Schtalubaugh, we see more of Londs, though it's generally in the palace. When Princess Rune is not there he takes charge until she returns, though I dare say diplomatic matters wait until her return, mostly just security. Pretty much just the same old guy in both series.


Londs - The Magnificent World