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Age: 15
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Pink
Occupation: Guide, El-Hazard expert, Royal Family informant


In El-Hazard:
When we first meet Alliele, Dr. Schtalubaugh has sent her to help Makoto and Fujisawa with their travels to the three Shrines. Mr. Fujisawa objected because she was just a kid, but she just spurred on her 'horse' and told "Grandpa" (Mr. Fujisawa) to get going. She traverses all the journeys that Makoto and Co. go on.

Job Description:
Alliele is actually an important part of Makoto and Co. Though she may be young, Alliele knows a great deal about the history, and land of El-Hazard. Dr. Schtalubaugh also gave Alliele a mission, and that was to determine the powers of the Earth group, in particular, Makoto. Alliele is great where she can be a brainless ball of fluff, and turn around and confuse Mr. Fujisawa by comparing and contrasting elements from the two worlds.

The World of Love:
If she follows TMW, I'd say she's going after Nanami, but they never make it actually clear during the series, just hint at it.

The Magnificent World Vs The Wanderers:
Like mentioned above, I'm not sure if she's gay in Wanderers or not, though in TMW she definitely is. Also, she's a lot smarter and serious in this series than in TMW where she's basically just there for Fatora, and used through the group as a person who is acknowledge in El-Hazard background. In some ways I like the Wanderers Alliele better, because she seems less of a sexual side kick than in TMW.


Alliele - The Magnificent World