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Age: 29
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Teal/Blue
Occupation: Priestess of the Shrine of Water


In El-Hazard:
The first time we meet Priestess Miz is when Makoto and Co. are on the search for a way to get back home. Priestess Miz is a lonely woman who's last girlfriend just got married to Mr. Perfect, and to make matters worse, she has a gray hair! Miz screams in horror and agony, and who happens to be around?! Mr. Fujisawa! When he appears he saves her from her servant, and becomes her champion, of sorts, and Miz is instantly in love.

Job Description:
Priestess Miz Mishtal is the eldest of the three priestess's, and the priestess of water. She has the Shrine of Water, which is the closest shrine to Roshtaria. It was once turned into the Shrine of Waterpark when Nanami was in charge. It was visited by Jinnai as well, and shoes good self defense from intruders.

The World of Love:
Miz Mishtal loves Mr. Fujisawa, and loves the idea of being in love. ^_^ Mr Fujisawa however...

The Magnificent World Vs The Wanderers:
The outfit in Wanderers is a bit less revealing, but her Lamp of Wind still remains a ring. Of course, her place of residence is the Shrine of Water, not Mt. Muldoon like in TMW.


Rune Venus - The Magnificent World