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Jinnai Katsuhiko

Age: 17
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: High School Student, Student Council President
El-Hazard Power: The ability to communicate with the Bugrom


The Trip to El-Hazard:
Jinnai is the main villain in El-Hazard. He's had a rivalry with Makoto since they were small boys, though Makoto doesn't know that. At the beginning of the series, Jinnai is in a Student Council Meeting where they're accusing him of taking the School Festival money, and has tried to put the blame on Makoto. Because he's so mad, he goes and picks on Makoto telling him his experiment is noisy, and he needs to turn it off. When Makoto tells him he has full permission, Jinnai is convinced that Makoto is trying to overthrow him. Nanami tells him he's nuts, which makes him become angrier, he threatens to revoke the Science Club funding if Makoto doesn't cooperate. To get even with Makoto, he tries to put up a poster blaming Makoto for cheating, but the student council catches him. Since Plan A is ruined, on to Plan B! Jinnai goes into the science lab where Makoto has his experiment, and he throws a whole bunch of sweats from the girls gym lockers everywhere. After he trips on a cord, he realizes Makoto's experiment is a much better target for revenge. He sabotages it, , though Makoto tried to stop him, and it opens the portal to El-Hazard.

In El-Hazard:
When Jinnai arrives in El-Hazard, he is captured by the Bugrom who take him to Queen Diva, all the while there Jinnai is yelling and screaming and cursing Makoto. Queen Diva explains that she is leader of the Bugrom, and conqueror of El-Hazard. Jinnai explains that he too is a conqueror, and President of Shinanome High. Queen Diva and Jinnai strike a deal and become partners in crime.

El-Hazard Power:
Jinnai's power is the ability to speak to the Bugrom. It's sort of like knowing 2 languages, and being able to talk and speak in either without thinking about it. It's a good thing Jinnai knows Bugrom, because it just sounds like, well, a different language

The World of Love:
Power. Jinnai loves power, that's about it. I think he truly cares about Ifurita in the end, but she won't ever come first.


Jinnai - The Wanderers