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Age: 19
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Priestess of Fire


In El-Hazard:
When Makoto and Co. are reaching the Shrine of Fire, they notice something on the path, Mr. Fujisawa thinks it's a walking carpet, though Makoto thinks it's a girl. Truth be told the walking carpet is none other than Shayla Shayla, who has lost the Shrine of Fire, the Lamp of Fire, and everything else in her possession during a Patong match. Of course, who would rip of a Priestess than Jinnai! Makoto agrees to play Jinnai a game of Patong to win back the Shrine, offering himself as a slave if he looses. Shayla can't believe that he's offering to do this for her, they had only met that day after all! Of course Jinnai was cheating, and Shayla exposed him, thus forfeiting his earnings during his games. Ever since, Shayla has always been after Makoto to play Patong with her, possibly because she has a bond through the game with Makoto.

Job Description:
She's the Priestess of Fire who lives in the Shrine of Fire. Unlike Miz she doesn't find her job dull, and unlike Afura, she doesn't spend her time reading. Though her and Afura have a long and sorted past, they're still friends. Shayla controls the element of fire, and is like fire, in the fact that she cares little for anything but destruction, and a wild time.

The World of Love:
She's after Makoto. Ever since he offered himself as a bet in the Patong game to win back the Shrine, she's been after him.

The Magnificent World Vs The Wanderers:
Not at all different. Both wild and reckless. The lamps have changed. In TMW it was sort of a mechanical pull device that was strapped to the leg and pulled, but in Wanderers, it's a bracelet type device with a red gem, almost identical to Afura's Lamp of Fire. The outfits are a little different, they both still show a lot of leg, but her boots are a lot higher this time around. It still leaves little to the imagination. ^_^


Shayla Shayla- The Magnificent World