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Rune Venus


Age: 17
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Teal/Blue
Occupation: Princess, Ruler of Roshtaria


In El-Hazard:
The first time we meet Princess Rune Venus she's an unknown woman running away from the Bugrom. Facing the Bugrom or a fall off a cliff, she takes the fall off the cliff. When she falls off the cliff, she lands, cleavage first, on Makoto. After the Bugrom continue chasing them they run through the jungle when she steps on something awful. That something awful was Mr. Fujisawa who slays the three Bugrom. Thankfully Londs, her protector, showed up and took them to the ship before any more Bugrom could attack them. The next time we meet her she is in full Princess gear, and surprises Makoto and Fujisawa who did not know who she was, and made them welcome.

Job Description:
Princess Rune Venus is not only the Princess of Roshtaria, but also the Ruler. As such, she cannot travel very far, but every now and again Princess Rune sneaks out to go on an adventure with Makoto and Co. Her occupation comes with some hazards of course, she's had to offer her fathers summer palace to be burned down, and was kidnapped. It kind of makes you wonder how she gets things done.

The World of Love:
Rune really only loves one person in the series, and that's Makoto. Though she tries to hide her feelings, she really does care for him. Besides Makoto, no one else likes or loves Rune as Makoto does.

The Magnificent World Vs The Wanderers:
In TMW Rune Venus is an older woman while in Wanderers she's a young woman. Rune in Wanderers plays a much more vital role in the cast than TMW Rune. Both of them have a similar flower-type crown, but they dress differently, and wear their hair differently.


Rune Venus - The Magnificent World