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Age: ?
Hair: Tan with an orange mohawk
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Cat. What? Cat is an occupation. Ok ok Ura's also a kind of body suit


In El-Hazard:
Ura is the last member to join our party. Makoto and Co. meet her in the woods while tracking down a ferocious animal that has been attacking villagers. At first they thought that Ura was the beast, but it turns out that Ura was being attacked by the beast. After being wounded, Makoto and Co. take her back to the village and patch her up, which is when she gets her name, from Princess Rune. Otherwise Makoto would have called her Fluffy. Makoto found out that Ura could also talk, though it's small words.
Makoto: "Well Ura, we sure have had a rough day."
Ura responds "Rough day."
Makoto "Yep we sure ha-holy smokes!, you can talk."

Job Description:
I still say cat is a job...sigh...alright, well Ura is also a type of body armor. She can smooth herself around the outside of a person, or at least Makoto, and use herself in any way possible, be it using her claws to slow a descent and to climb, or to make herself into a parachute of sorts.

The World of Love:
As Ura says "Ura love Makoto. Ura love Princess Rune."

The Magnificent World Vs The Wanderers:
Well instead of being introduced as an object, Ura is found this time, her other uses learned later. Ura is shown as a defender and an attacker, as well as very resourceful. Unlike TMW, it doesn't seem like Ura is a living armor, rather a living-assistance bodysuit. ^_^ Makoto has to learn not to fall down cliffs and buildings so much.


Ura - The Magnificent World