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Age: Ancient
Hair: Black
Eyes: Indigo Blue
Occupation: Demon Goddess


In El-Hazard:
Ifurita has a hard life. She's the ultimate demon god, unfortunately she's a bit of fluff. She can remember nothing from her past, and has holes in her vocabulary, as she doesn't even remember what the word "evil" is. Unfortunately Jinnai tells her evil is loving children and being nice, which makes her kinda silly. When you first meet Ifurita, she steps out of an ancient El-Hazard device, and calls Makoto her master, then falls asleep on him. Jinnai, being the nice evil person he is, winds Ifurita up and informs her that he is her master. Ifurita takes Jinnai outside, where she destroys a mountain, then they go to the Bugrom fortress where Ifurita falls asleep. When Queen Diva wakes her up for tea and cookies, Ifurita says she doesn't remember a thing.

Job Description:
Being a demon goddess has got to be rough. She's used as an intricate part of the Eye of God, and can activate it when placed inside. She has the ability to use the power of lightning, wind, and fire (for the most part). To remember her job, she takes lots of notes that Jinnai has her take down. Poor Ifurita.

The World of Love:
She loves being evil (Note: She loves being what she considers evil, which is really being good).

The Magnificent World Vs The Wanderers:
How different can you get? Wanderers has an Ifurita with black hair who's a total goof, while TMW has a white haired Ifurita who's serious, and can destroy anything she wants to. TMW's Ifurita has more bang for your buck, but Wanderers has a more comedic Ifurita, who can destroy stuff, if she concentrates hard enough. ^_^


Rune Venus - The Magnificent World