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Age: 18
Hair: Black
Eyes: Pink
Occupation: Priestess of Wind


In El-Hazard:
When Makoto and Co. reach the Shrine of Wind, they find Priestess Afura behind the Shrine of Wind moving books. She mistakes Makoto and Co. for a construction company, but when it's straightened out she informs them that they cannot read the books as they lay on holy ground, and that only servants of the shrine are able to use them. To meet these qualifications Makoto signed them up to build the library for Afura. Though Afura complained about the Canadian Log Cabin that Mr. Fujisawa built, and later with modifications that Makoto made to her original designs, they completed the library. I think the best way to describe Afura is what Makoto said about her. "Her bark doesn't have a lot of bite".

Job Description:
She's the Priestess of the Wind who lives in the Shrine of Wind. Unlike Miz she doesn't find her job lonely, and unlike Shayla she doesn't gamble to add excitement to her life. Afura's hobby is to read the books in her holy collection, history or romance. She feels a great responsibility towards her duty, and would willingly die to dispatch her duties.

The World of Love:
She loves her books. Simple enough. ^_^

The Magnificent World Vs The Wanderers:
The Afura's are a bit different, not too much. The outfits are different, the lamps are different, as TMW's Afura's Lamp of Wind was sort of like a belt buckle, and Wanderer's Afura's lamp is a bracelet. Wanderers Afura is more distant than TMW, she doesn't live with the other priestess's and she also has a past relationship with Shayla as they're friends, but they fight quite a bit, also she's more involved with the cast than she was in TMW.


Afura Mann - The Magnificent World